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Winter physics in a cold climate

Soon, global warming will make all of this a distant memory. Or not. In the meantime, cringe with me as a young driver discovers what not to do when your car encounters ice. YouTube link

Say Goodbye to 2009 in JibJab style!!

I know 2009 is the best and I’m a gonna let you finish, but first I gots to play this goodbye video from our friends at JibJab! Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Illegal Windows 7 Party

Not hilarious, but appropriate. Difficulty: Bad English accents and sound on video. From Funny or Die Hosting Your Windows 7 Torrenting Party – watch more funny videos

Why Men Shave

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Did you ever wonder why men shave, I mean the real reason? Well, take a look at this Spanish ad from Bic for their product Comfort Twin razor and know the real reason… The Perfessor

Web Site Story

College Humor has a funny new musical video up celebrating the most popular social websites of the net, done by a couple of over stuffed singers and, uh, a few musical theater majors. Sound req’d.