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When oil spills were fun

This is an old gag from 20 years ago, but as you hear the dialogue you’ll cringe. Why? Because it sounds painfully like the double-talk explanations given out today over our current oil disaster.

Putting the Man in manicure

I hate Candid Camera shows. But figured I’d pass this one along, from a Russian version of the same thing. Sound helpful at about the :45 mark in this bit about a guy going to a manicurist. LiveLeak.com link Was it photoshopped? Yes, and the sound effects must have been sweetened. This is why I […]

Winning Oscar movie trailer

Yes, you can see that winning movie trailer below. But first, a few words as to how pointless the film award ceremonies are. The TV ratings for the Oscar Awards has declined quite a bit over the years, and this has led to the network having to cut the advertising rates just to get enough […]

Actually, this video will clear up nothing, but it’s a hoot and worth your time if you’re idly looking for some more LOST stuff. It’s supposed to cover the previous 5 seasons of LOST. The video starts out with the creative forces for the show thanking the British audience for supporting LOST and a silly […]

Behold, the power of cheese… and one mouse

You have to cry before you laugh. Here’s a mouse getting some cheese… curiously STRONG cheese. Sound required to punctuate the dramatic turns. YouTube link

Sometimes you just have to go

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