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Dog slobber

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Ya know, there are times when a picture doesn’t do something justice. That’s why there’s video. Enjoy

Like science? Good. Then watch. and learn Weird Al as Sir Isaac Newton vs fake Bill Nye with cameo by fake Neil deGrasse Tyson Turn it up.

Can you hear me now?

Very funny short film that (unfortunately) is NSFW due to language at the end. Still well worth watching. The perfessor

The IRS is occasionally human

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President Obama said all of this

President Obama missed the 2009 and 2010 Gridiron Club Dinner, held annually, but attended this weekend’s gala event. Traditionally, the political types and the journalists make lots of fun and everything said is in jest. Read the below in that spirit. (“Hail To The Chief” plays as the President enters.) THE PRESIDENT: Thank you! (Applause.) […]

I like hores! Must watch

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Oh, God, just watch this. It’s not really about hores. Okay, well, it kind of is. Just promise me you have nothing in your mouth, as I will not compensate you for a new monitor or keyboard. And if by some chance you do not laugh at this, I don’t want to talk to you.