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This one’s for Walt

The Perfessor


ANd there it is… The Perfessor

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Who Dat Dog! [spoiler show=”Show me Dat Who Dat Dog!”] [/spoiler] YouTube link I love beagles. But they can be annoying. In this case, to the Indianapolis Colt fans.

Super Sunday!

In honor of today being Superbowl Sunday, we thought we’d present the following vid. Yeah, we laughed too. The Perfessor

NFL playoff mess in the AFC, WTF?!

While sports isn’t always tops on our list of fun things to do here at Cuppacafe (unless popping the top of of alcoholic beverages count as a sport) we do like to follow the mess that ends up the week before all the playoff sports are chosen. This is that golden week, where many teams […]

Orange Rules!

Yeah, yeah, after years of listening to