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Knock-Knock Juice

Perhaps one of the best things about having children is that you can teach them about all of the things that you love and hope that they too will garner an appreciation for those things. For me, one of those things is my love of egg nog. Seriously, if they made egg nog all year […]

Dylan has landed

Well, Dylan, my world traveler, is home for the summer. He arrived last night sometime after 8:30 P.M. bearing flowers for his Mom, and still in time for Chinese food. He regaled us with stories from college and filled us in on his (immediate) plans for the Summer. After Dinner, we helped him unload the […]

The World Traveler returns home

As many of you know, my son Dylan, while a sophomore at Syracuse University, attending school overseas at the American University in Cairo he actually spent some time in Tahrir Square during the protests. Well, as it turns out, he was interviewed (again) about his experiences while there. This time, his interview appeared in The […]

The Last Days in Cairo

My son, Dylan (who up to about a week ago) was attending American University in Cairo, was interviewed by a freelance journalist in the days just prior to his departed from the country to the relative safety of Istanbul, here is a link to that article: They woke up late and bleary in the morning, […]

Flight from Egypt (part Deux)

Here is an update on my son, the world traveler. As I indicated, he and his friends made it safely out of Cairo (just before all ofothe serious violence brokle out). They made it back to the school, grabbed up as much of their gear thyw were allowed to carry, and then hi-tailed it to […]

(not so) Live from Cairo

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I may or may not have mentioned this previously, but my 19-year-old son, Dylan, who is a sophomore at Syracuse University chose to study abroad this year. He changed his major to International relations, Public Policy with a concentration in the Mid-East, and transfered to the American University in Cairo, Egypt for the year. He […]