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Dog slobber

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Ya know, there are times when a picture doesn’t do something justice. That’s why there’s video. Enjoy

My dog wants this Halloween costume

Where do I find this?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Who Dat Dog! [spoiler show=”Show me Dat Who Dat Dog!”] [/spoiler] YouTube link I love beagles. But they can be annoying. In this case, to the Indianapolis Colt fans.

Just Add Water and go! (vid)

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It’s cute, it’s stupid. Don’t worry, it’s over quick enough. Sound not req’d. YouTube link

Political Race goes to the Dog!

We’ve long known that many political candidates are just dogs, and Walt (when he posts) has told us of some of the wacky Texans that have run for office, but here’s one for the books. Apparently one town in Texas is running a real dog for Mayor. One of the candidates in the race to […]