Remember Citizen, that noose around your neck is for your own protection

“Officers were forced to use pepper spray when students surrounded them”, adding, “There was no way out of the circle”.

The spin fails when there’s video everywhere.

For years, we have had to rely on information that is presented to us. Often, it would be from the sources that be, relayed to the middle-men and women of the media. But because we generate vast quantities of the media ourselves, and release it of our own volition and accord, we trust ourselves and our partners as members of the citizen journalism collective.
But as the masses collect vital citizen-based intelligence, it is the normal citizens of this world who use Facebook and Twitter, and other social media platforms and networks with our colleagues, friends and family, who make our own decisions about the news of the day.

As citizen journalism offers instant accountability to the actions made by those in authority, it gives us greater control over what we believe and consume as end-users of this world we live in.

Spin no longer works.