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There’s a show on in the UK called “Bang Goes The Theory” (the name of the show a take off on an sports broadcasting meme) that commisioned the building of a car that we here at Cuppacafe can only admire and wish to one day drive — a car that runs on coffee! Yes, running […]

Don’t tell me what’s in it! Just pour another round dammit! The Perfessor

I just learned that today is Internation…

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I just learned that today is

Hand Pressed Espresso

Ever walk along a quiet mountain path and think, “Hey, I could use a shot of espresso coffee right about now!” Yeah, me too. Well, Handpresso.com has provided the perfect way to hand pump your espresso to the one you love. sound not req’d. $140 and hot water and those little espresso pods req’d. link […]