Oscar Night Blues

I was chatting with Walt earlier today and told him that a dispute between ABC and my local cable provider (Cablevison) has caused ABC to cut the feed as of midnight this morning. According to ABC it is Cablevisions fault, and (you guessed it) Cablevision, it is all ABC’s fault.

The Disney Co., which owns the ABC network, cut off service to the city’s 3.1 million Cablevision customers after the two sides failed to reach a deal.

ABC officials acted on their threat to pull the channel unless Cablevision agreed to pay a rights fee to offer the top-rated station to its subscribers.

“Cablevision has once again betrayed its subscribers by losing ABC7, the most popular station in the tri-state area,” Channel 7 president Rebecca Campbell said in a statement.

Cablevision blamed the stall in negotiations on Disney CEO Bob Iger.

What this mostly means to ABC customers, is that they won’t get to watch the Oscars tonight. Fortunately, I live in CT, and we have a local ABC Affiliate (WTNH in New Haven), and can still access the feed through them.

Needless to say, this is (obviously) a short-term fix, and, well, something is going to have to be done.

Personally, I’m a little suspect, as since ABC is still essentially a “broadcast” channel, the Federal Government has decreed that the broadcast belongs to the public and should be free, so how can ABC pull the feed. An interesting question since the FCC doesn’t control cable programming.

The $40 million that ABC is asking for from cablevision is actually rather interesting given as how its parent company (Disney), is renown for being the living embodiment of it’s tightwad character, Scrooge McDuck.

The Perfessor

Time to get Lost

I know that Lost fans are fairly rabid folk, but when it was announced that this season’s premiere was about to be preempted by President Obama’s initial State of the Union Address; well you can imagine how far over the top they went.

Lost fans, fear not. The important premiere of the final season of your show will not be affected by the President of the United States’ obviously less important (first) State of the Union.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs assuaged the concerns of millions today during the briefing.

“I will say this on behalf of ABC radio,” said Gibbs. “I don’t foresee a scenario in which the millions of people who hope to finally get some conclusion in Lost are preempted by the President.”

Now I like my entertainment too (nearly got the DTs when no comics were delivered the week between Christmas & New Years, but that’s an entirely different story), but seriously, these folks need to get a tighter grip on their horses.

The Perfessor