Snakes On A Plane: Walt’s Quick Review

Snakes On A Plane… what, after putting up a header graphic like that, I wasn’t going to actually go see the movie?? Of course I was.

What was I expecting? Cheesey movie, cheesy dialogue, cheesy effects, cheesy deaths.

I wore a hat to the movie. A hat with snakes on it.

What did I get? Pretty much exactly what I expected. But I have a saying that I stole from someone a long time ago, and I’ve adhered to it.

Corny Works.

You don’t have to wink at the camera to let people know you’re doing something for fun. You don’t have to use the old trick of having your characters talk to the audience to let the audience know you’re being purposefully corny.

This movie could have been made 30 years ago, only back then it would have had to have used rubber snakes and been even crappier than this movie. I actually enjoyed the CGI snakes in this to the point where it’s quite easy to believe they’re quite real. Sure, the scenes are cut a bit rough, and if you try hard, you can actually spot the sections where they added enough boob shots and cuss words to promote this movie to “R” rating status, but that actually adds to the potential cult status.

Listen, I’m not going to spoil one minute of this movie, but I can say I enjoyed it for what it was. Corny. How could you spoil this movie? By talking about the methods of death. At some point, there’ll be a list of the different ways… well, you get the idea.

What’s more, this movie is an instant classic. This movie now replaces my other favorite corny movie, Big Trouble In Little China. I’m not talking Rocky Horror status in the minds of the cult freaks, but it’s certainly in that category in my opinion.

As to Snakes On A Plane, if I was suddenly head guy in charge of making this movie, I couldn’t have made this any better.

And I know I couldn’t have made it any worse…

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One thought on “Snakes On A Plane: Walt’s Quick Review”

  1. OK, OK, I finally saw the film, and I have to say that everything that Walt has said about it is true (although I do think that I saw at least one dead African American woman, but she might have been Hispanic or Asian, she was on the screen only briefly).

    Still, I think that it was interesting to note that Jackson’s next film is also about snakes — no it is not a sequel, it is called Black Snake Moan and about a God-fearing bluesman (Jackson) takes to a wild young woman (Christina Ricci) who, as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, looks everywhere for love, never quite finding it.

    I’m guessing that the producers of that film are hoping that any film with the word Snake in the title and Jackson in the staring roll will go on to make money. They might be right.

    The Perfessor

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