Rick Perry is a lying tool

So Texas Governor, GOP Presidential candidate, and borderline blithering idiot, has cut a new YouTube vid promoting his candidacy, where he touts his Christianity, and slams gays — completely ignoring the fact that Jesus never said word one about homosexuality, but often went off on the rich, and actually espoused the separation of church and state (“Render unto Cesar what is Caesar and render unto God what is God’s”).

Anyway, we want to show you the .30-second clip. Don’t worry, we haven’t gone over to the dark side, but we want top use the video as a set-up to show you what can only be described as a “counter ad” of sorts.

Video after the Jump

Rick Perry’s ad

Andy’s “Counter ad”

Oh yeah, if that last vid wasn’t enough, here is a bit that Jon Stewart did on The Daily Show the other day that puts further hilarity into the whole “War on Christmas” rhetoric.

It would be real nice if more folks would stand up to these lying ass-hats.

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