Here I am to Save the Day!

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Ok, Ok, well maybe not Save the day, but I am here to try to entertain you. From past experiences, I know that my ramblings and rants will certainly entertain me, if you are entertained as well, all the better, but I won’t be offended if you aren’t. Seriously thou, while I am a professional […]

Tony Hawk on four legs

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This pretty much says it all Skating Bulldog 630K streaming Flash file (pops up in a new window) Sorry for the low quality, but I simply love this pooch!

Inducing a stroke in the blind guy from Star Trek

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Apple and the cult of Levar

BE COOL is a sequel about, well, making a sequel. And sequels always suck.

The Name of the Game

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DANGER IS MY NAME! Uh, my middle name! Green Day singer Billy Jo Armstrong has given his son the middle name… Danger.

Caffeine and Alcohol

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With the news that Budweiser is adding caffeine to their beer, I though I’d remind you fine folks that caffeine has been paired up with alcoholic drinks for quite a long time. Even so, here’s the latest in branding: Coffee and Cocktails