The end is near… when there’s no coffee

A husband and wife talking to each other leave little messages.

Like, the will to live if there’s no coffee

A tale of one wedding cake with two sides

There are two sides to every wedding.

The Bride

The Groom

And two cakes.

But the bride and the groom are joined together. Why are there two cakes with two separate themes when you’re dealing with a couple that has been joined together? One wants the all white frills and flowers, and the other?

Well, usually the groom’s cake is dark and reflects what the man represents.

Why not combine the two cakes into one? After all, the couple has joined together — the cake should reflect both designs. That’s exactly what this cake designer has done.

The bride’s side is exactly what you would expect in a wedding cake.

And the groom’s side?

Yes, the groom’s side shows that he has a garage full of boxes of paper products wrapped up in cello envelopes, acquired over the last twenty years of being a geek.

Note the Marvel as well as the DC characters.

This shows the groom plays no favorites.

How do we know this is the groom’s side of the cake, and not a comic book loving bride? Simple. No Wonder Woman.

It’s quite a catch, but is it an out?

This sends the umpires to scratching their heads. We know the rolled up tarp is in the field of play, but this first baseman could have grabbed a couple of hot dogs from the stands instead of this foul ball.

Is this secret test footage of Spider-Man vs Antman movie?

The Geologists are coming!

I may be writing Science Fiction, but I’m still a geologist. Give a listen to the Ameoba People.

Water is the word…



The Perfessor