When magnets and marbles make table top magic

Aaand I’m a kid again.
I started watching this and I went, “cute”
And then I watched some more and I went, “wow”
a little bit further in I went, “magic”
at the end I was just in awe.

Forget the flying car. Here’s a flying board setting a world record.

You can forget the flying car. Here’s the thing for me.

Naturally, I’ll believe this thing’s usefulness when it can replace an elevator and rescue Captain Kirk when he falls off El Capitan.

#Flyboard #FlyboardAir

A coffee poem for Monday


The Perfessor

Lewis Black Commencement Speech UCSD 2013

This is Lewis Black’s Commencement Speech at University of California, San Diego.

This is why I am such a fan of Black’s comedy and enjoy listening to him so much.

I urge you all to take a listen.

More from UCSD’s Marshall College: http://marshall.ucsd.edu/
More from Lewis at: http://lewisblack.com/

The Perfessor

Elvis commits Insurance Fraud?

So I keep seeing this State Farm Commercial where four Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas are calling on their State Farm agent to repair damage done to their pink Cadillac.

When it suddenly occurs to me, four separate Elvises call upon their individual agents to get a quote on the damage, only, just one of then will (or should) be allowed to put in a claim. Do you think that they are attempting to perpetuate insurance fraud, and if so, why does it seem that the four agent are willing to seem to allow it to occur?

The Perfessor

All great literature…

So, so true…

All Great Liturature

The Perfessor