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I’m giving away the first episode of THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES for FREE! Episode 1 is called KILL SHOT and it’s novella length. 24,200 words in all. FREE COPY HERE The entire book is available now at major ebook retailers! FULL VERSION OF ICEFALL WARNING: The entire series is expected to run to between 18 and 24 […]

Our publisher, PRONOUN, has a handy page for buying Icefall: Book 1 of THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES A world frozen for two hundred years, now on the verge of dying. A centuries-old plan to deliver Earth from extinction. Will the deep-space maneuver actually save the planet? Or will it finish off what remains of mankind? Odessa, […]

The cover of our ICEFALL (THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES #1) Episodes 1-6 Cover design by Joey Hi Fi   Joey Hi Fi is an award winning artist and has done several other well known Sci Fi covers. We are extremely fortunate to have him design our cover. Icefall premieres in ebook form Jan 31st at all […]

My Coffee Loves me!

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It’s Twue! It’s Twue!–Coffee-Ladies.html?55134 The Perfessor

Icefall is coming

The title plate of our new book.

Survive, America!

It’s Bad Hair Day, America! If this guy can survive it, so can we!