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Well, it has been a while since I went on about movies in this column, and that is not because I Haven’t been watching them, but rather because I have been very busy lately (if you want to check in on what I’ve been watching, and get the extended reviews, you’ll want to go check out my film column, Suspension of Belief).

Some of the films I’ve been to lately have been the new Indiana Jones flick (about which I did post), but last night I went out with my son and we did a doubleheader, that is to say we went to the multiplex and then “theater jumped.” (To be sure, it was really a double-and-a-half-header, as there was more time between the first and second flick than we needed, so we sat in on about 45 minutes of Iron Man, before sliding over into seeing the new Narnia flick. We started the night off with The Strangers, which we both enjoyed. Last week, I checked out Baby Mama with the wife, which was quite cute. Some of the others were Street Kings (staring Keanu Reeves) and the very forgettable, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Kill me nowI really wanted to see The Strangers because of the marketing campaign. The premise is that a young couple were brutalized by a trio of strangers one night at their house out in the woods. the part that hooked me was the line where the girl victim asked the intruders “Why are you doing this to us” and the intruder responds “Because you were home.” The film claims to be based on true events only, when you go to the Wikipedia reference for the site you discover that is something of a stretch.

The movie is inspired by an event from the director’s, Bryan Bertino, childhood, among other things. A stranger came to his home asking for someone. Later, he found out that empty homes in the neighborhood had been robbed. With that memory in mind, Bertino created this, his debut screenplay. The screenplay is also inspired by the events of the Charles Manson murders.

Still, it is a fairly decent genre flick. The fact that it was obviously a small-budget film with only a few actors, and none of them really “A” listers, also helped the film. there is a maximum of suspense and foreshadowing, and a lack of actual blood and gore, which elevates it above much of the dreck that tends to populate this type of flick. Oh yeah, if you want to get a real visceral experience from the flick, either before you go, or after you come back, check out the official site, and then go to the interactive experience room. it is very cool, and an excellent example of what a well-dome web site can do.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was also quite good. A much darker version of the original, which lended itself to making it much more interesting. Here the four kids from the first flick finally get the opportunity to return to Narnia, only while it has been a year for them, it has been almost 4,000 for the mystical world. The wonderful world they left behind is in ruins, and the four of them must lead the Narnians in a quest to reclaim what was theirs.

Kill \'em all!Forgetting Sarah Marshall wasn’t nearly as funny as it probably should have been, and I chalk that up to the slip-shod way it was put together. I mean,. there were funny bits, but I couldn’t get past the feeling that this would have made a good 15 minute SNL-type sketch, but by padding it out for 111 Minutes made it about 100 minutes too long.

Well, that’s really it for now. I’ve promised the Mrs. that we will go and see Sex and the City tonight, and even though I never really watched the TV show — either on HBO or in syndication, I’m not quite sure what my reaction to it is going to be (although if the three intruders from The Strangers were to show up at the end, and hack the four female stars to death in a bloody display of random violence and splatter-punk gore, I probably wouldn’t mind at all).

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