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psychosisSome time back I e-mailed Matt Ryan (the artist who illustrated my short story Never Judge a book… for the horror anthology comic Psychosis! being published by Guild Works Productions, the publishing arm of The Comic Artists Guild) to tell me a little bit about himself so that I could chat him up here and on my personal blog. Well, it took him a while, but he finally did get back to me (apparently he and his wife, Leigh Ann, have a new-born daughter named Ava who has them both running hard). At any reat, here is some of what he said in his response…

psychosisMatt who, (like your humble narrator, is from the Nutmeg State of CT) informed me that he attained a 2 year visual fine arts degree and has started working for Mark Lewis Creative Arts while continuing his education. Under Mark’s guidance, he has worked on package design, shareware game animation, conventions and concept art. He then opened The Mine Studio, which is his own freelance studio (but a business partner to Mark Lewis on the west coast) and has started to produce comic books, freelance work, and give private lessons over the last 10+ years.

pan 2Unfortunately, Matt had to close that studio and now run his business out of his home which, naturally enough, has caused his long-suffering wife to deal with quite a bit of interesting people visiting their home over the past few years. Needless to say, since then, his studio has done character design for various sized companies, published BIGGER comics, painted and illustrated the DUNGEON DOWNLOADS gaming terrain CD, done package designs and have taken his lessons to larger audiences through the Farmington Valley Arts Center and the Greater Hartford Branch of the YMCA.

He is a proud member of the Comic Artists Guild as well as the Granby Artists Association. his most current project is a two-issue limited series that is due out next summer from Radbu Productions.

Well, after seeing what a beautiful job Matt did rendering my story I have to say that he certainly is a very talented individual. As an interesting aside (especially to all of Cuppacafe’s readers who are published authors), an interesting thing occurred for me when I first saw Matt’s art for the story. While I wrote the story full script (describing the comicbook layout of what each page structure would look like — including how the action would look like in each panel on each page should appear. The story was exactly what I described (great work Matt), only, the images looked very different from how I visualized them in my head.

pan 4

Not that that was a bad thing it was just surprising. As a writer I visualize my stories as I write them, so when I saw what someone else visualized from my writings, it was just surprising, in a good way, but surprising nonetheless. Needless to say, I’m including the Splash page, as well as a panel or two here with this post. The book should be available the first week of October. As soon as it is, I’ll post a link in the cafe where interested folks will be encouraged to purchase a copy

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