Minor Repairs

So I’m going to ask the wimin-folk here, you ever can’t figure out why your “handy” Hubby can’t just take five minutes to fix that “slightly” broken thing in the house. I mean, he has a garage full of tools? you would think that fixing that broken shelf, or leaky faucet or creaky door should be a snap. Plus, it isn’t like real work, it is kind of like puttering around, which is what he does anyway.

Well, let me tell you that there is no job that can be done around the house without doing two or other jobs first. Seriously.

By way of example. We have a vanity in the upstairs bathroom. the bottom shelf to the vanity (sort of) broke last week or so. Well, it was warped and finally collapsed in on itself. Well, it stayed like that for a week before I finally was looking for something (a new bar of soap) so I had to pull everything off the bottom shelf to find the soap. Then, since I was already in the shower, the pile of bathroom crap that sits in the bottom of one of these things sat on the bathroom floor for a day-and-a-half, until I met all of this week’s writing deadlines

(Something I finally did, thank you very much.)

Well, that done, I now needed to fit the bottom shelf back in place. Only because it was not wood, but press board, it was permanently warped and curved. So when I turned it over to flatten it out it snapped in half, rendering it useless. So now I had to find a new piece of plywood to fit into the spot. I found a likely piece, but it needed to be cut to size and then assembled. Tapping my neighbor next door (who has a table saw) I was able to cut the plywood, then I fitted the two pieces together and (in order to prevent it from falling in on itself again), I put a set of feet (sections of a cut up 2×4) under it all and then fit it into the appropriate space.

Needless to say, I had to partially disassemble the vanity and the plumbing trap to get the new floor into place (this required locating a pot to catch the stagnant water in the trap, and (so long as I was there) pulling a wad of gunk and hair out of the drain (which had been partially clogging the sing for some time). As you can expect, this “five minute job” took me a couple or three hours to complete. Now I need a shower, because management will be home in 15 minutes, and I’m probably expected to help with dinner before we go out.

I won’t even talk about how I was up between 3:00 & 6:00 A.M. doing client work, then up again at 7:30 ‘til now doing more client work.

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