Look, Ma! No hands!

Three or so days ago I lost my bluetooth earpiece to my cell phone.

I wasn’t too, terribly worried about having lost it, because I knew that it was inside my house (someplace). I was sure of this because, whenever my cell was close to it, the two devices would link-up electronically, and “talk” to each other.
of course this also meant that while the two devices were linked, my phone wouldn’t ring at the handset, because the ringing was “forwarded” to the hands-free device, thus rendering the phone essentially mute.

Well, today I located the Bluetooth (it was under the couch in my office), and plugged it into the charger. Soon I’ll be able to drive and talk at the same time.

Today is definitely looking up.

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  1. Well, from what I understand, Walt always HAS been in touch with his feminine side. If you think about it, that could explain a lot (if you know what I mean).

    The Perfessor

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