It’s all about Lindsay

Have you heard this silliness?

Actress and sometimes singer Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit against financial-services company E-Trade on March 8, 2010, saying one of its television ads “used her name and characterization” without her permission. What characterization was she referring to? A baby named Lindsay that is referred to as a “milkaholic.” Apparently, Lohan takes offense to other people — fictional babies included — being referred to as any type of -holic. Lohan’s lawyer went on to claim that the company was clearly referencing the socialite because she has the same one-name recognition as people like Oprah or Madonna and that E-Trade was “using [Lindsay’s] name as a parody of her life.” Lohan is seeking $100 million in damages.

Talk about an inflated ego!

I know that after seeing that, my first thought was about Lindsay (not)

So seriously is Lohan admitting that she is some sort of lactate-swilling slut?

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One thought on “It’s all about Lindsay”

  1. Right before this controversy came out, I read a gossip piece about how Lindsay Lohan was demanding a couple of perks (besides money) before she would attend some event. She required someone to give her a Vitamin B12 shot and two cartons of cigarettes. That followed the news that apparently Britney Spears’ father has discouraged BritBrit from hanging out with Lindsay. Trying to keep whatever goodness Britney has left, I suppose. Locking the barn door after the horses have left and died of old age, I know…

    And I had a thought, and nearly Twittered it. Instead I’ll put it here:

    Britney sung “TOXIC”, Lindsay Lohan lives TOXIC

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