Happy Day You Turkeys!

I believe that about covers it.




Eat well.


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3 thoughts on “Happy Day You Turkeys!”

  1. Here’s wishing everyone a great holiday!

    For reasons that are kind of coincidental, we are having the kids over Friday and Alison and I had Strip Steak and potatoes today.

  2. Hello Walt,

    Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. My fiance and I started cooking on wednesday. We decided to make ham this yr.

    We made baked macaroni & cheese, honey glazed ham, collard greens, whipped sweet potatoes with cut apples inside, stuffing and apple pie.

    Everything came out so goooood. I can’t keep away from the ham though yummy LoL


  3. Thanks, Linda! We had our Thanksgiving on Friday, and while I had a post ready to go up to talk about things, I got caught up in the actual cooking and didn’t really have time to post it.

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