Got Psychosis?

Meth coverJust in time for the (scary) holidays comes Psychosis! a 56-page, Black and White, horror anthology where the main theme is a relevant look at the fears of the 21st Century.  As I’ve mentioned previously its contributors hail from a variety of backgrounds and form a true mix of established talent and enthusiastic, up-and-coming talent — cutting their teeth on strong themes. This issue features a combination of five eight-page prose and illustrated stories that focus on the fears and horrors of the modern age.

Psychosis-1, BobIn case you missed any of my previous posts on this topic, yeah, I’m one of the contributors, and now that I’ve seen the entire book (and have one in my greedy little paws, I might add). I’m probably going to have a giveaway/contest and award one lucky winner a shot at acquiring what can only be described as a future collector’s item yeah, right. I just need to a) work out the details of such a contest, and b) get some actual copies for distribution (I received my copy this past Sunday at the NY Comicbook Spectacular 4 convention, the distribution copies I should have this Thursday when I pick them up from our imperious leader Keith Murphey).

Psychosis-1 KeithSpeaking as both a contributor to the book as well as a comicbook fan, this book is gorgeous! Seriously, it looks beautiful (there are four covers, to the book, and while I like the one by Melvin Ylagan that illustrates my story, they are all quite good (Craig Wolden’s Wastrel Isle cover is also quite fetching).

Still, the coolest thing for me, is not the book itself (which can be purchased by going to DimeStore Productions), but that while at the Con, two separate artists, (Rammer Sánchez who drew Skins (which sports one of the most unique, and unusual panel structures I’ve ever seen), and Dave from Crazy Comics) expressed interest in drawing two more of my stories. And I wasn’t even pitching the stories. They asked me!

What’s cooler than that, eh?

Birds coverSo now I have to set up a couple of book signings here in CT at the local comicbook shops, plus make plans to attend our kick-off party in NYC at Twins Pub, as well as some more NYC & CT Cons during October. If you want to learn more about GWP, Psychosis!, or where we will be appearing, check us out here, or here at the CAG site.  Now, all I have to do is get my guy elected to the State Senate, and a full-time, paying gig in my field, and I’ll be in Fat City!


I just learned that Midtown Comics place a small reorder! Ain’t life grand?

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6 thoughts on “Got Psychosis?”

  1. Perfessor!
    Life is grand when you get a reoder! Thanks for keepin the updates fresh, mine are about as fresh as stale diapers these days!

    Keith Murphey

  2. Mr. Perf,

    Thanks so much for the positive review. I’m also honored to be part of CAG and GWP, working with serious and dedicated individuals. Everyone involved in Psychosis! #1 did a great job. I’m so on board for more!

    Proud to have Psychosis! #1 included in my roster of comics,

    Rammer Martínez Sánchez
    CAG, New York

  3. Hey there Perfessor,
    I’m looking forward to getting my copies from Mr. Murphy on the 21st signing at Sarges Comics in New London or maybe tomorrow when he drives out to Ma. to work on our latest project Hell’s Blood. I’m very very proud to see how well this book came out the 4 covers are amazing and seeing my name on a cover for the first time gave me a chill, I’m hoping to have alot more chills of the sort and I look forward to the next projects with CAG/GWP whatever they may be. Can’t wait to get my copies. Oh and I’d love to pencil any of your stories in the future, hint hint!


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