Finding Oil, The Video Game

I once played a board game many years ago about finding oil, but there was no logic to it. A round playing field filled with holes, and three cardboard layers underneath, also with a variety of holes. Spin the three lower layers to randomize, then play. Put the playing piece on a chunk of property you’re claiming. The little plunger inside the oil derrick playing piece would go through the holes, now lined up underneath the playing surface. If all three holes lined up, you would get the deepest oil pay, the most amount. Middle level, middle amount, just the first hole, shallow oil. No holes, dry hole. The “fields” would often line up, so it was a bit like playing “Battleship”, where you would guess a line in a row of holes.

Now comes the computer age.

Here’s a pending game that includes all the boredom of finding oil with all the fake financial goals that exist in games with a lot more action and space aliens.

I do give them points for trying to incorporate the excitement of oil finding along with the financial headaches that also come along with the job.

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