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Kingsom of the Iron SkullYep, You all know by now (or at the very least, you should know) that I love fast food toys (and not only did I write a book about them, but still pen a column about them). Not only was I written up extensively about the book, but it was even featured on an episode of The Food Network’s program, Top 5). Well, I’ve recently acquired a few new toys that are tied into some of the Summer’s (potentially) top grossing films.

Yeah, sure, they are funnybook films (Hulk, Iron Man — still not sure if Batman The Dark Knight will have toys as well, given it’s dark nature and the death of co-star Heath Ledger, but I’m hopeful). Most recently, both Burger King and 7-eleven have been the source of my newest toy acquisitions, and the toys themselves look like this…

(Pardon me for the somewhat blurred nature of the photos, I took most of the shots with my cell phone camera, and well, it isn’t really what you would call top of the heap picture-taking device. Needless to say, it actually works better as a phone, but that sort of goes without saying.)

Iron Man from Burger King

Machs 1 & 2

Hulk stuff

Drink up

Drink up

Whip it! Whip it good!

I do have more Fast food toys coming (that I bought via ebay or acquired through a friend), but I hadn’t posted in a couple of days, and considering that Walt recently fell into a volcanic fissure, so I figured that meant I had to post something. Perhaps tomorrow I can find something interesting to post.

Needless to say I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you all.

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