Cuppabits June 12th

Hit and run thoughts and crappy links:

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The guy who’s writing a tell-all book about Bob Barker has some thoughts as to why ole’ Bob may have retired just a wee bit too early. Seems one (possible) lawsuit (against Bob) included CBS, and while it may or may not be a lawsuit that gets dismissed, CBS sped up Bob’s departure. What’s it about? Does it have to do with Bob’s “women problem”? As to the old lawsuits, they’re mentioned in the article at Radar, including a quote involving an old lawsuit that is recalled by one male production assistant:

“One day, Dian and Bob had a huge fight in his dressing room,” recalls former production assistant Mark Wayne, (who is also brother of ex-producer Phillip Rossi.) The then 69-year-old Barker was angry over Dian’s second Playboy striptease. “She storms out, slams the door, and screams: ‘I’ve sucked his dick too many times to start kissing his ass now!’
I thought, Who writes for this girl?

(That particular sexual harassment lawsuit was later dropped)

The latest lawsuit, however, isn’t sexual in nature but contains some strong racist overtones which may include how many black contestants were chosen to participate in the game show.

What, you thought being a game show contestant was some random selection? Oh, no!

Could you imagine Rosie O’Donnell being the host? I suspect male members of the military wouldn’t be so, uh… welcome anymore, would you?

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The Blogburst network now picks up one of the blogs I help maintain, RomancingTheBlog. News services like Reuters need fodder for their news sites and will occasionally tap the Blogburst network for their feeds, and so that’s how RomancingTheBlog gets picked up by a news service to appear in places like USAToday and the Austin American Statesman newspapers.

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If you want to smile, you can read the article that comes with this quote

“I have zero polka skills,” I continued, “I’m more of a rock and pop guy. I’m thinking we should just forget the traditional wedding march…how d’you feel about Praise You by Fatboy Slim?”

“That would be amazing!” they said.

It involves two people getting married and how the tubes that make up the internet brings strangers into strange situations. link [via Metafilter]

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Yes, President Bush went to Albania, the only country on the world that still likes him.

Stealing the wristwatch from the President of the United States? Priceless [YouTube]

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How much damage has Paris Hilton jailhab done to the reputation of Britney Spears?

BritBrit flashed her ass when climbing in a car yesterday and all the paps photographing the occasion collectively groaned.

Yes, some skanks just aren’t catching the new meme of redemption. Britney was always slow about such things.

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If you want to know what my kid looks like,

Prince Harry, Matt Lauer, and some wanker

he could pass for the red haired kid in this photo on Drudge.

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Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro —

If so, you know


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I don’t play all that many video games. But the closer we get to making Rome a real city, the closer I get to really wanting to immerse myself in a digital representation. Some cool imagery of the digital recreation of Rome here.

Make it a Roman detective video game where you have to go around Rome in various time periods and you won’t see me in the real world for a long, long time.

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The Apple Safari browser as installed on XP/Vista machines took about two hours for someone to find the first exploit. A webpage could be written to use Safari to use Firefox to do anything on your system… anything.

Don’t use Safari on XP. It’s fast, but it simply hasn’t been tested.

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They threw a blogger out of a game because he was live blogging the event.

Bloggers are reporters. The reason why a media area was created in sports facilities was to control the access the reporters had. That’s no longer possible. Expect more of this issue.

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A photoshop airbrushing tutorial. I had to learn this by trial and error. Here’s the shortcuts, nicely illustrated. [link]

Criticize only if you’re have a better tutorial.
(via Digg, which is slamming the site now and it will load slowly)

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Finally, Supergirl is coming to SMALLVILLE

Will she be hot, cute, and will she kick ass? Um, yeah.

Will she be boring, like in the comics? Um, probably.

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