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European History Time Lapse Map

If you ever wanted to learn more about European history but could never find the time or the energy to spenmd looking through maps and books, then Look no further. Here, with the time-lapse map in the video below. All of that history from 1000 AD until 2003 has been boiled down and filtered in […]

Dylan has landed

Well, Dylan, my world traveler, is home for the summer. He arrived last night sometime after 8:30 P.M. bearing flowers for his Mom, and still in time for Chinese food. He regaled us with stories from college and filled us in on his (immediate) plans for the Summer. After Dinner, we helped him unload the […]

My other world-traveler

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Last month My daughter traveled to Poland and Israel with her youth group — and some 10,000 other teens from around the world — on a trip called The March of the Living. This trip is for Jewish teens around the world to spend a week in Poland visiting the Death Camps and marching from […]

Another World Traveler is home

Today, my daughter, Kayla, who was participating in the Maccabi Games in Israel these past two weeks, arrived home. The games are a Jewish, Teen Olympics of sort, and this is her third year participating (previously she played in games held in White Plains, NY & Richmond, VA). Kayla, as the resident “jock” in our […]

The World Traveler returns home

As many of you know, my son Dylan, while a sophomore at Syracuse University, attending school overseas at the American University in Cairo he actually spent some time in Tahrir Square during the protests. Well, as it turns out, he was interviewed (again) about his experiences while there. This time, his interview appeared in The […]

Well, Duh!

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Egyptian Presidency website “under construction” LMFAO! The Perfessor