The ultimate zombie film!

OK, I’m as big a zombie film fan as the next guy (can’t hardly wait for World War Z), so when I saw this trailer, I couldn’t help but get excited for the possibility of watching what could potentially be a great “B” movie.

It’s no surprise that someone made a movie where Osama Bin Laden comes back as a zombie because, you know, humanity does this kind of thing. It’s also probably not a surprise that it comes from the same distribution team that put out Big Tits Zombie (destined for end-of-year Top Ten lists).

(Via: Film School Rejects)

The Perfessor

Gay Zombies!

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An excellent argument for Gay Marriage

The road less traveled

That’s it, we’re totally boned…

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Zombie Crossing

Just thought you should know…

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Hunger Brains!

I’ll see your Hunger Games, and raise you…


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