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That awkward moment…

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has this ever happened to you? Yeah, me too… The Perfessor

No meteors, no flood, No zombies. Meh! The Perfessor

7 Day Weather forecast

And now, a look into our immediate future… OK, we’re totally F#cked now, eh? OK, well then, maybe not… But of course… The Perfessor

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

UPDATE: The video is a fake – Walt OK, this is both funny and terrifying to watch. Still, I want to point out that — you know all of those “running with a camera” movies that are do popular these days where we the audience can see what the runner sees as they are running […]

Klingon style

OK, I think that this craze has officially jumped the Klingon equivalent of a shark. The Perfessor

Zombie Crossing

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Just thought you should know… The Perfessor