Post-Sandy in Fairfield County

I live in Fairfield County, CT which has the dubious honor of being tagged as the wealthiest county in the U.S. How wealthy? well, watch this very funny video that someone recently posted in regards to Hurricane Sandy.

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Another swipe @ Twilight

Sorry Cougar Moms, I simply couldn’t resist.

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The Truth Hurts Department

Yeah, like that.

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Goin’ Social

So, unless you’ve been in a cave (and I know that some of our readers do live in caves), Arron Sorkin’s The Social Network opened this past weekend. the film tells the (fictional, according to Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg) story of the founding of the network that has so many users that if it were a country, it would be like the third-biggest country in the world.

Well, Not only did the film hit #1 this weekend, but Zuckerberg himself lent his voice to an episode of the Simpsons.

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Things that make you go “what?”

So, I’m going about my day yesterday, and I see this little bit of nonsense from the Bill O’Reilly show.

It seems that this past Tuesday night, the ex-Governoratrix appeared on O’Reilly’s show in her capacity as a Fox News analyst, and was questioned about an episode of The Family Guy in which a female character with Down syndrome is on a date with Chris and says that her mother is the former governor of Alaska. As you all know, Palin, resigned from that post last year, has a son, Trig, who has Down syndrome.

After showing the clip from the episode, O’Reilly asked Palin, “It’s pretty nasty, is it not?”

Palin replied, “This world is full of cruel, cold-hearted people who would do such a thing.”

The odd thing about this bit, for this observer is that, well, to anyone who has watched more than the odd clip or two of the show knows that it is safe to say that, as Chris is something of a brain-dead moron, and his father, Peter is — quite literally — too stupid to live (and was once declared retarded on the show) are both probably more mentally handicapped than the Down syndrome gal on the date with Chris.

Seth McFarlane (the show’s creator) has literally mocked every target in his sights, so to say that he is a hater, seems, well, a bit odd. Further, every episode holds virtually every cast member (especially Peter) up for ridicule. So, when watching you have to look past what you are seeing, to try and see what McFarlane is really saying.

What this (and various other tactics from the Right) seem to indicate the lopsided notion that free speech is for everyone, so long as you agree with what we have to say. This was never clearer than in the Presidential campaign when Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell came out in support of Obama, and the Republican spin machine stepped up to say that “Real West Virginians” were squarely behind McCain.

Such a dick move is the way these people try to discredit anyone who disagrees with them, as if there is only one opinion and it ids theirs. Sure you want to spin the story to you, but I’m so tired of the way they try to do it by running the other guy down. This is such a juvenile way to do it, and well, it is really starting to backfire.

Needless to say, Family Guy Rules, ad Palin (and O’Reilly) are tools.

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Wozniak to the rescue!

Hey there kids, are you an Apple fan? do you own a Toyota Prius? Has your car been recalled? If so then you are going to love this! it seems that Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, recently suggested that Toyota’s troubles with a defective accelerator pedal may have more to do with software, rather than mechanical problems. This apparently occurred after his Prius sped up while in cruise-control mode.

“Since my foot never touches the pedal,” Wozniak told ABC News, the problem “cannot be a sticky accelerator pedal…. There might be some bad software in there.”

He said the problem in his Prius might be related to the random acceleration issue that has forced Toyota into a massive recall of eight million vehicles worldwide and a halt to US sales and production of eight affected models.

Interestingly enough, Woz unsuccessfully tried to get the attention of both Toyota and US authorities months ago, when his own acceleration problems cropped up while his 2010 Prius was in cruise control. Well, thanks to recent interviews Woz granted to the media attention this week, Toyota has (finally) responded to him by offering to borrow his car for a week to diagnose the problem (as reported by The Los Angeles Times).

Wozniak told ABC his acceleration problem in his Prius can be brought under control by braking and by a radar system that regulates distance from other cars by slowing it down.

He also spoke to CNN about his car troubles, stressing that “I love this car” and downplaying his earlier comments to ABC about a possible broad Toyota software problem.

“It’s more like a radio button that doesn’t work all the time. The car will start to accelerate in cruise control. You can hit the brake to stop it,” Wozniak told CNN.

Good thing the Toyota’s internal software isn’t designed by Microsoft, eh?

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