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So, Sprint is currently running a new spot with Paul, who was formerly the spokesperson for Verizon but now works for Sprint. You remember Paul, He was the guy who kept asking “Can you hear me now?” Well, as it turns out, Paul has no loyalty, and is apparently something of a whore as he […]

The Difference Between Coffee and Your Opinion…

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Yeah, I said it! The Perfessor

The Perfessor is doing a book signing!

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Yes kids, as it turns out a buddy of mine (one Ramon Gil) crafted a series of thoroughly entertaining comics entitled Scifies, then Ramon compiled those comics into a trade paperback, which is being published by Atlas Unleashed. Then (more importantly) he asked your humble narrarator to pen an intro for — which I did. […]

F#ck You; Pay Me!

As a freelancer I have had this feeling (and actually said (essentially) this) to some of my clients over the years. The Perfessor

Christopher Walkin needs more coffee

Oh, and Cowbell, more cowbell. The Perfessor

This one’s for Walt

The Perfessor