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The Coffee Scene from the film Airplane! (1980)

Nothing more need be said. The Perfessor

No, really, apparently Tuplo, Mississippi is selling out on tickets to 50 Shades of Grey faster than the rest of the country (the entire state is selling tickets at a rate of four to one. This according to a report by Rachel Maddow. So, we are thinking of heading out there for Valentine’s Day, standing […]

Godzilla is coming

Yes, Virginia, size matters… The Perfessor

As some opf you know, I was writing a column entitled Shadow of the 14th Row for anothere Website, and posting links here, well that site went dark, and now I post my movie reviews over on Well recently I’ve been revieing art films for a theater loal to me, and well, here are […]

The Tweet that broke the Internet!

Hilarious! The Perfessor

It is a crying shame and a dishonorable shame what we have done (and still do) to Native Americans in this country. The Perfessor