Our evolving language

Back in the 1980s on the HBO comedy series Not Necessarily the News. comedian/actor Rich Hall had a special segment entitled Sniglets which Hall described as “any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should”. Hall went on to publish both his own sniglets, and those submitted by fans into a number of books.

Personally I loved sniglets and coined and submitted a term of my own (which I don’t believe was ever used “Autoeradication: When stuck in traffic on the highway, and you get to the point in the road where the traffice suddenly goes from stop & go, back to 55 MPH, and there is no apparent cause for the delay.”

Well, last night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart he added a couple of new words that would totally have been used.




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Skating on the 405 in Southern Cali!

Apparently, A group of rollerbladers were nabbed a couple of months back because they were rollerblading on the 405 Freeway. Well they finally released a video of their exploits more than two months after Carmageddon II. Seriously, how cool was this?

Four rollerbladers (or inline skaters, whatever) took a short skate down the 405 Freeway and were nabbed just as they took an off-ramp. The video just released this week explains how they got caught: a CHP patrol car on the freeway caught a glimpse of the reflective seam on one of the skaters outfits (h/t LA Weekly). (Rookie move!) The CHP officer radioed it in, and another CHP car stopped the skaters just as they got off the exit and cited them.

(Via Laist.com)

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Knock, knock.

Yeah, lik that, bitch!

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Post-Sandy in Fairfield County

I live in Fairfield County, CT which has the dubious honor of being tagged as the wealthiest county in the U.S. How wealthy? well, watch this very funny video that someone recently posted in regards to Hurricane Sandy.

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President Obama’s Accomplishments while in office

If you have only listening to the lies being foisted upon the public by Faux News, then what you really need to do before going out to vote is check out the link on this site and, well, read about what our president has really been doing for the past four years!

Go ahead, Check them out

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Happy Birthday to Ron!

It was just 11 years ago, that my older brother Ron’s birthday was stolen from him by 19 Militant, Islamic, fundamentalists, who attacked the U.S. killing several thousands non-combatant, American citizens.

So it is, Once again — With all due respect to those who died, and to their survivors, and loved ones that I respectfully choose to choose to not talk about them today, but to wish my brother a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Ron, may they all be happy and bright!

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