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As it happens, the woman who’s face graces the top of this blog this week was mentioned very recently.

Joss Whedon is helming the new “Wonder Woman” movie and may not cast a white skinned woman as the Amazonian superheroine.

While discussing “Wonder Woman” casting, Whedon glanced at “Firefly”-“Serenity” star Morena Baccarin (a pleasant-looking olive-skinned brunette) and said, “Where will I find a dark-haired olive-skinned beauty?”

And now you know who’s face graces the top of the blog this week.

Life imitates Art

Has anyone besides me seen the Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace flick In Good Company ? It wasn’t necessarily a flick that was going to cause people to rush out of their homes and stand in line overnight waiting for it to open, but it was a pleasant enough comedy cum drama with moments of warm self-awareness, charming humility, and modern-day insights.

For those of you that missed the flick it was essentially about a 51-year-old sales manager for a sports weekly magazine (Dennis Quaid) who’s has his world turned upside down when his wife becomes pregnant (with their third child) at the same time his company is bought out by a conglomerate and he has a 26-year-old, wet-behind-the-ears, kid (Topher Grace, from That ’70s Show) take over as his boss. Oh yea, then just to spice it all up, the kid winds up dating Quaid’s 18-year-old daughter.

The fun stuff surrounds how Quaid’s character deals with a life where everything has been turned upside down and inside out at the same time. I found the film to be very well made and I highly recommend that you rent it when it hits DVD/video. At any rate, that’s not what this post is all about. At the beginning of the film we see Topher Grace’s character working at the conglomerate and his is in a business meeting where he is pitching the idea of cell phones for tots.

Yeah, you read that right, he determined that young children were an overlooked market for cell phone saturation, and he designed kid-friendly cell phones that looked like dinosaurs and growled instead of rang. Watching the scene in the darkened theater I figured that it was there to show us how shallow he was a character and how money-grubbing the corporation was as a soulless entity.

Just today I came across this news item on a Netscape Web site:

Firefly Mobile, one company that’s developed a cell phone product for younger users, found that about 10 percent of tweens in its focus groups had phones, but that many more wanted them. The company also identified parent interest in a product that would allow them to keep tabs on their kids.

“What the market was telling us is that there’s a need for kids to stay in touch with the people who are important to them,” says Robin Abrams, Firefly Mobile’s CEO.

The Firefly phone, created by a father in Illinois and being launched nationwide in months to come, is smaller than other cell phones, allowing it to fit more easily in a kid’s hand. It has simpler buttons, including ones that speed dial “Mom” or “Dad” – and gives parents more control by giving them password-protected access for programming the numbers the phone can dial and calls it can receive. The Firefly phone also has no games or capabilities for text messaging, a popular function with teens that some parents dislike because it can get expensive – and distracting.

(You can go here and read a longer story all about it.)

Personally, I could go both ways on this. While I feel that it is very silly, there have been days that my wife or I has needed to reach our kids and haven’t been able to because they are simply not near a phone, and we are either at work, or on our way to pick them up. Needless to say, I’m guessing that there will be a day in the not-too-distance future when younger and younger kids will be given cell phones. (Think 9/11 or even the Columbine shooting spree.)

The Perfessor

Not quite the Hilton CelPhone Hack But…

Do people really take naughty pictures with their camera phones?

Yes, they do.

You see, with me, I’ve LOST my damn phone a few times. I now treat my phone like I do my sunglasses. The more expensive the sunglasses, the more likely I am to sit on them or leave them on the counter at the drug store. The same with phones. I’ve been known to leave my phone on the top of my car and then drive off… only to backtrack my steps and find that the phone isn’t in the street crushed into a thousand pieces, but in the hands of someone who’s already tried to phone Tierra del Fuego to talk to his fourth cousin twice removed. And heavens knows where else my old lost phones are.

I would never take compromising photos and leave them on my phone. Alas, some people do. It seems some enterprising individual spotted a phone on the street somewhere, and took a look at the photos stored on it.

Thirty-three year old Jason Dawson picked up and told her if she wanted it back, she’d have to pay him $50 bucks. He threatened to publish explicit photos from her phone’s camera if she did not pay him.

The woman arranged to meet Dawson for the exchange, then she called the police.

The woman met Dawson on Auburn Street.

Police dressed in normal clothes went out to monitor the situation. They arrested Dawson upon the exchange.

He is booked at the Benton County Jail for second degree extortion.

The wife always wants the cool gadgets, but her cel phone is the last thing yet to be upgraded. It’s so old, it even has a rotary dialer…

Alison Kent Loses Her Virginity

Hi. My name is Walt. I’m married to a star.

I didn’t know it when I married her. I mean, I had been told of THE TAPE, told that she had been on TV, but it was a bit after we got married that I finally got around to plugging the tape in the machine.

The last segment of the show is all about Alison, er, Mica… because she wasn’t Alison before the show aired.

Alison Kent becomes a star on 48 Hours 1Meg streaming Flash file (pops up in a new window). This is the very short intro 48 Hours did as the exit teaser into their commercial break, introducing Mica as the “Struggling Author” and the Senior Editor at Harlequin who had the power to make or break Mica’s dreams… (Mica actually HAD a book published, “Playing Loves Odds”, but the publisher, Meteor, went out of business.) (I’m still playing around with formats for streaming media files, so you’ll have to forgive me.)

This post is the first post in my “Love Under Covers” section. It’s admittedly an outsider’s look. I’m a student of the genre, and I’m still learning. Nice part is, I have a great teacher.

Yes. I am Evil.

I laugh at inappropriate times. My wife hates that. Oh, if I’m in a social situation, I’ll work on controlling my mirth. But when I see the humor in a situation, I WILL LAUGH.

It’s nothing like you might imagine. It’s not like the one guy in the back of the theater laughing like an injured mule…

No, I sit pretty much in the CENTER of the theater, and it’s a bit more like a hyena than a mule. Oh, my wife hates that.

Comedy, it seems, is composed of truth… with pain. It’s Vorhaus’s basic formula. Well, I GET it. So when you see me post something here that I think is funny, and you think I should be taken to the woodshed over posting it… Just remember. I’m laughing.

What’s the most recent UN-Politically Incorrect thing I laughed at?

Well, it seems that on “America’s Next Top Model” one of the models chose exACTLY the moment in front of Tyra and the rest of the whacked out judges on the show to pose like a model… without blood sugar. There’s a few video captures of the “event” floating around on the net today…
UPDATE: There’s one on this page if you scroll down a bit.

The funniest part was when Tyra and friends didn’t kick off the girl with the nasty disease of “Let Me Fall Down HARD”-itis. No, they already kicked off the hottest looking girl, and yeah, let’s not kick off the health challenged ones — someone might think we’re judging based on an active pulse or anything…

When that girl fell down and went boom, I laughed.

So, this isn’t a post to make YOU laugh or anything of the sort.

This is just a warning. I may put stuff up that I think is funny, and you might think is cruel.

There is truth in pain.

Get me a large safe black man, STAT!

This man’s name is Chi McBride. Pronounced “Shy”.

He’s everywhere. All at once. The man didn’t start acting until he was thirty years old, but right now, he’s an overnight success. While he’s been in several movies over the last ten years, he’s been hitting the TV screen with amazing regularity lately.

So often, in fact, if I was an actor, I would want this man’s agent. Sure, his “Boston Public” got cancelled, but it wasn’t his fault. He shows up guest starring in other TV shows I watch. This last Sunday, it was “Boston Legal” playing the role of a large determined high school principal who didn’t like FOX TV. Last night on “House” he was playing the role of a large determined hospital benefactor who didn’t like House (Played by my newest favorite Brit actor without-a-Brit-accent, Hugh Laurie.) Chi will be guesting next week on “House” as well, where I suppose he’ll end up finally confronting the quirky doctor House and then promptly die of dengue fever he contracted from his pet iguana… or some such…

When watching “I, Robot” on DVD this last week, he’s there too, playing the large determined boss of Will Smith.

And yesterday it was announced that Chi will be starring in a new dramatic crime series for FOX Television where he plays a … yep… large determined man… chasing serial killers.

Now, I have nothing against Mr. McBride. As a matter of fact, I think he’s played the roles I’ve seen surprisingly well. The problem I have is that, when the part calls for a large black man in early middle age, it’s filled with this guy’s face. And, to make matters worse, it’s all pretty much the same role with different speaking parts. Hey, acting’s a job, I get it. But let me flip the color bar around and give you another example – A (formerly) roundish, (formerly) “safe” white man some years back playing “determined” roles on TV could have easily been filled by, say, Michael Chiklis.

Chiklis led up the TV show “Commish” before every one of the episodes looked the same and the show was yanked.

But then Chiklis changed himself.
He got slimmer.

And the next big part he got was grittier.

Chiklis got the meaty part of Detective Vic Mackey in “The Shield”– and if you haven’t seen him on that series, buy or rent the DVD set soon. Chiklis slimmed down and made his career with the role of Vic Mackey. Chiklis is playing the role of Ben Grimm/The Thing in “Fantastic Four” coming this summer, a role not meant for a large safe “determined” man… but we’ll see how that plays out, because it could still go that way. I’m convinced that Chiklis would NOT have gotten the role of Ben Grimm/The Thing without having played the not so safe role of Detective Mackey in “The Shield”.

So, here’s the thing. Chi McBride is currently plays roles of a large, determined (but safe) black man, and he’s getting his “Commish” role ( “Commish” was headed up by Chiklis), playing an as yet to be seen detective part. It’s a TV series for the FOX network, so I’m figuring it might be on the air for maybe 5 episodes before FOX yanks it. Three episodes if it’s actually any good. (ha!) Then, after that, McBride could then perhaps slim down and get mean, and get a role that would actually allow him to kick some ass, because you know… I like this guy.