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Dead Man Emailing

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Well, now you can have a service where you can email people after you’re dead.

Upgrade to WordPress 1.5 complete

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Painless and easy. “I like it when a plan comes together” -That guy on the A-Team

Here I am to Save the Day!

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Ok, Ok, well maybe not Save the day, but I am here to try to entertain you. From past experiences, I know that my ramblings and rants will certainly entertain me, if you are entertained as well, all the better, but I won’t be offended if you aren’t. Seriously thou, while I am a professional […]

Walter’s Theory of Police

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As a matter of definition Walter’s Theory of Police primarily states:

If you are traveling by car and see a police patrol car, the odds of you seeing another police car before your trip is over goes up by some tangible amount.

Pop Culture Assassination Project Begins

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Giving in to the masses, we have started down the long road of imitating successful media enterprises.