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Here is a post from Mica Stone, Walt’s wife. Walt was my partner on this web-blog, and a friend of mine for almost 20 years. Walt and I never actually met, but we chatted online, and by phone often over the years. This is not a post I ever thought I’d ever have to make, but now it is up to me to make it.

The following post is from Mica, which she posted on Walt’s Facebook page:

Hi, everyone. This is Walt’s wife Mica with news no one wants to hear:

On December 21st, 2017, the longest night and the darkest day of the year, Walt left us. He was my husband and soul mate and other half. He was father to Mike; stepfather to Holly, Megan​ ​(and her husband Rene), Casey​ ​(and his wife Taylor); Pop-Pop to Sam, Charlie Grace, Wyatt, and Levi Walter​ ​(his namesake). He was brother to Shirley, Ruth, and Jim; uncle, cousin, and in-law to many; friend and mentor to numerous others. His philosophy was “teach a man to fish” and he lived that with endless generosity.

He was a lover of dogs, a fake-hater of cats, a stuffer of Christmas stockings bar none, and a master of spinach artichoke dip. He never met a problem he couldn’t solve one way or another, or a task he couldn’t conquer. (Case in point: He once got us home by using my pantyhose as a fan belt.) He was opinionated about everything though in recent years had learned to admit when he was wrong. It wasn’t very often.

A geologist by degree (Lamar University, 1978) and a petroleum geologist by trade, he’d spent the last several years as a science fiction novelist and the last several months as a construction contractor rebuilding the parts of our home destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. He loved​ ​space and geology and politics. He loved apple pie and Harry Potter and social media.

He loved storytelling, though it was the rare book or movie that met his standards. (Your​ ​Name is an example​ ​of one that did. ​The Last Jedi is​ ​one that did not.) He loved all of you. He loved me with his entire being. He was my life’s greatest gift and I appreciated him​ ​and adored him and loved him beyond reason. His absence leaves a hole in countless hearts.

There will be a celebration of his life on January 2nd, 2018. For details, please PM Mica or Holly or Taylor.


The Perfessor here again. I’m currently reading Walt’s book, Icefall, and I strongly suggest that you all do so as well.

I’ll have more to say at a later date, right now I’m going to have a drink.

The Perfessor

ICEFALL episode listing

TLDR; This post will give a (mostly spoiler free) summary of what happens in each one of the first six episodes of THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES

With ICEFALL (available in both ebook and print!) you’ll note the book is divided into six episodes.

As with most things having to do with ICEFALL, it didn’t start out this way. But as the book stretched out, we found that it divided up into episodes all by itself. (Yes, like the little elves who cobbled the shoes while the shoemaker slept, the paws of tiny cats danced across my keyboard and edited the thing into 20,000 word chunks.  I leave out cream for them every morning.)

And, much like an episode for a TV series, each episode is mostly self contained.  Continue reading ICEFALL episode listing

Icefall: The Clearsky Chronicles cover reveal

The cover of our ICEFALL (THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES #1) Episodes 1-6

Cover design by Joey Hi Fi

Icefall: The Clearsky Chronicles Episodes 1-6 cover
The Clearsky Chronicles
Episodes 1-6
Walt Stone and Mica Stone authors


Joey Hi Fi is an award winning artist and has done several other well known Sci Fi covers. We are extremely fortunate to have him design our cover.

Icefall premieres in ebook form Jan 31st at all major retailers, and in print form shortly thereafter.

What’s icefall about?

Here’s the short version

In this epic YA sci-fi adventure by Walt and Mica Stone, three trading post drivers save four MEDcadets trapped in a runaway long coach only to discover the two groups are on opposites sides of a plot to save Earth… and all mankind.

Would you like to know more?


A world frozen for two hundred years, now on the verge of dying. A centuries-old plan to deliver Earth from extinction. Will the deep-space maneuver actually save the planet? Or will it finish off what remains of mankind?

Odessa, a nineteen-year-old MEDcadet, witnesses the murder of her anatomy professor and finds herself in fear for her life. Fighting recurring panic attacks while sailing from her home on Rhone—the fortified ark created by Cerebus—across the Eastern Sea to Earthland, Odessa manages to keep what she’s seen to herself. To her horror, however, when the vessel docks, she and her podmates are arrested by the very security force who committed the crime.

Reynal Królik, an eighteen-year-old trading post sled driver on Earthland, longs for Clearsky, though he’s never known anything but the gray shroud that darkens the atmosphere. After he and his fellow messengers foil an assassin’s attempt to kill Odessa and her companions, he whisks them away, only to discover he and she are tangled up on opposite sides of the same secret mission to slam an asteroid into Earth—one for which Rey will be the asteroid driver.

Rey and Odessa—along with their friends and a dangerous outlaw—race against time to escape Earthland, but can they evade Cerebus’ flagship war zeppelin in order for Rey to complete the task for which he was destined? A destiny Odessa was taught to deny and will fight to prevent?

Many thanks to our early readers, some of whom have left kind reviews on Goodreads.

The Perfessor is doing a book signing!

Scifies_fixedYes kids, as it turns out a buddy of mine (one Ramon Gil) crafted a series of thoroughly entertaining comics entitled Scifies, then Ramon compiled those comics into a trade paperback, which is being published by Atlas Unleashed. Then (more importantly) he asked your humble narrarator to pen an intro for — which I did. (Truthfully, he also asked former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics Tom DeFalco to write a forward, but that’s not important right now.)

St MarksWell, needless to say, Ramon is releasing the TBPB at New York Comic Con this coming weekend. However, prior to that, he is having a pre-release signing at the famed St. Marks Comics in NYC. This signing will be held on Monday, October 5th between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

If you show up, you will also be able to catch — in addition to Ramon, Atlas Unleashed publisher and all-around Nice Guy, Mark Mazz, but myself, as well as a host of other talented comicbook creators (including Tom DeFalco, Chris Torres, Michael Sarrao, and a number of others autographing some of their works.

Scifies, is a most amazing 72 page Trade Paperback, and if you want to get a personalized copy for yourself you will show up at St. Marks Comics in NYC on Monday night, October 5th between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

You simply won’t regret the experience.

The Perfessor

Positive vibes for Owlgirls!

Well, we are extremely pleased to announce that a couple of reviewers have weighed in on Owlgirls, and the response is overwhelmingly positive (three reviews, to of them loved it and we are discounting the third as being from the Russian Judge).

First up, is a review from Comics Bulletin where the Reviewer totally got what I as the writer was attempting to do in the comic’s first issue.

Then there is one from Fanboy Comics where the reviewer also understood what we were going for witht he book.

If you are a reviewer and would like a review copy, please reach out to us and let us know so that we can get you a copy.

this is your future…



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