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ICEFALL episode listing

ICEFALL episode listing

TLDR; This post will give a (mostly spoiler free) summary of what happens in each one of the first six episodes of THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES With ICEFALL (available in both ebook and print!) you’ll note the book is divided into six episodes. As with most things having to do with ICEFALL, it didn’t start out this […]

The cover of our ICEFALL (THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES #1) Episodes 1-6 Cover design by Joey Hi Fi   Joey Hi Fi is an award winning artist and has done several other well known Sci Fi covers. We are extremely fortunate to have him design our cover. Icefall premieres in ebook form Jan 31st at all […]

The Perfessor is doing a book signing!

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Yes kids, as it turns out a buddy of mine (one Ramon Gil) crafted a series of thoroughly entertaining comics entitled Scifies, then Ramon compiled those comics into a trade paperback, which is being published by Atlas Unleashed. Then (more importantly) he asked your humble narrarator to pen an intro for — which I did. […]

Well, we are extremely pleased to announce that a couple of reviewers have weighed in on Owlgirls, and the response is overwhelmingly positive (three reviews, to of them loved it and we are discounting the third as being from the Russian Judge). First up, is a review from Comics Bulletin where the Reviewer totally got […]

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