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BE COOL is a sequel about, well, making a sequel. And sequels always suck.

The Name of the Game

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DANGER IS MY NAME! Uh, my middle name! Green Day singer Billy Jo Armstrong has given his son the middle name… Danger.

Caffeine and Alcohol

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With the news that Budweiser is adding caffeine to their beer, I though I’d remind you fine folks that caffeine has been paired up with alcoholic drinks for quite a long time. Even so, here’s the latest in branding: Coffee and Cocktails

Walter’s Theory of Police

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As a matter of definition Walter’s Theory of Police primarily states:

If you are traveling by car and see a police patrol car, the odds of you seeing another police car before your trip is over goes up by some tangible amount.

Star Trek : The Next Idea

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Star Trek isn’t out of ideas, it’s just creating crappy characters.

Pop Culture Assassination Project Begins

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Giving in to the masses, we have started down the long road of imitating successful media enterprises.