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Actually, no, I’m not really kidding.

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So, Sprint is currently running a new spot with Paul, who was formerly the spokesperson for Verizon but now works for Sprint. You remember Paul, He was the guy who kept asking “Can you hear me now?” Well, as it turns out, Paul has no loyalty, and is apparently something of a whore as he […]

Fair Warning

If we haven’t already said this, it is worth saying again. The Perfessor

A coffee poem for Monday

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The Perfessor

This is Lewis Black’s Commencement Speech at University of California, San Diego. This is why I am such a fan of Black’s comedy and enjoy listening to him so much. I urge you all to take a listen. More from UCSD’s Marshall College: More from Lewis at: The Perfessor

Elvis commits Insurance Fraud?

So I keep seeing this State Farm Commercial where four Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas are calling on their State Farm agent to repair damage done to their pink Cadillac. When it suddenly occurs to me, four separate Elvises call upon their individual agents to get a quote on the damage, only, just one of […]