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World’s first Web Cam!

So, if you are wondering what Coffee has to do with web cams, then you need to know this… “In 1991, when the World Wide Web was a text-only hangout for science geeks, and the University of Cambridge in England didn’t even have its own Web server, the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory’s sole coffee […]

My Coffee Loves me!

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It’s Twue! It’s Twue!–Coffee-Ladies.html?55134 The Perfessor

A Cuppa Joe too far?

Hard as it may seem, there ARE lines we will not cross. The perfessor

My world, and welcome to it

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Yeah, like this. You wanna make something of it? The Perfessor


This! The Perfessor

The Coffee Scene from the film Airplane! (1980)

Nothing more need be said. The Perfessor