12 foot long cockroach, with teeth [vid]

Lana Berkowitz of the Houston Chronicle brings us a short interview with the builder of one of the two entries in the Red Bull Flutag being held in Austin, Texas this weekend.

For those of you not in the know, the Flutag is a bit like Houston’s Art Car Parade, where you have artistic things that roll…

only with the Flutag, you drag them over a cliff to see how far they will fly — before they plummet to the ground. Fortunately, someone got a bright idea to put water at the base of the cliff and so each piece of art just makes a marvelous splash.

The competition features human-powered flying craft that are launched off an elevated ramp. Teams of up to five people perform a 30-second skit before the pilot is sent into the air and eventually into the water.

The concept is to build some machine that might fly, but by golly looks good anyway.

Lana interviews David Sutherland, head creator for the Texas Roach Wranglers

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The other Houston entry will be made by Team Chupacabra, and will be pulled by goats. Okay, humans dressed as goats.

Last weekend they were working out how to use the fake blood, but Shaw is most concerned about his outfit.

“I’m trying to figure out how to keep that G-rated because Lycra gets clingy when it gets wet.”


What G-rated entry (that’s not based on a trademarked item) would you want to see fly?

I’d probably go for the traditional, some pterodactyl type flying thing…

Wait, wait… A giant black Swan!

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